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Treatment Methods at In2 Health

Treatment Methods at In2 Health


Insertion of a fine single use sterile needle into an acupuncture point.

Auricular Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture.


Use of electrical frequency on an acupuncture needle.


Glass cup used in Chinese medicine in conjunction with fire to create a vacuum in the cup. This cup is immediately placed on the skin in the determined area. Promotes healing by moving blood into the surface of the skin.

Gwa Sha (Gua Sha)

Use of a flatten like tool on the surface of the skin to scrape until there is "sand" like redness on the selected area. Used as well to promote circulation, decrease heat and reduce inflammation, among others.

Plum Blossom (5-star or 7-star needle)

Small mallet like instrument used to promote blood circulation on the meridians.


Meaning "pushing and grasping" is a Chinese massage that uses: kneading, rolling, round rubbing, pushing, plucking, finger pressing and other techniques to promote health in addition to acupuncture.

Neuromuscular Therapy

Type of massage that uses almost static pressure to promote myofascial release depending on location.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy or Bio Puncture

Injecting of a homeopathic substance or vitamin or a combination (in the case of In2 Health, Inc.) at the site of pain or in acupuncture point areas promoting healing without negative side effects.


Use of stretch type self adhesive bandage for the reduction of inflammation and promotion of healing.

Postural Assessment/Evaluation

Analysis of individual's static and active postures against a grid in order to determine imbalances.

Postural Assessment Corrective Exercises

Series of stretching or proprioceptive exercises given to the evaluated individual for the purpose of complementing and sustaining the treatment protocol.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Use of Chinese Herbals (compounds, formulas, plasters, ointments or tinctures) in conjunction with the treatment, when indicated.


Single or compound formulas use for the promotion of health and activation of the individuals' immune response.

Manual Muscle Testing

Mainly used for Sport Injuries and Pain Management to isolate a particular muscle or group of muscles to determine, differentiate or confirm a diagnosis.

What’s Right for You? In2 Health Florida

What’s Right for You?

Many of our new patients are excited to try a new treatment method. But please note that all treatments are not suitable for all patients / situations.

During your first visit, Dr. Sara will work to understand your pain and develop a customized treatment plan that takes advantage of the best possible methods.

At In2 Health, our mission is to help you achieve balance in your life
With highly integrated training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Sara is skilled at matching your needs to the methods and modalities that will best combat your pain.

In2 Health Florida Offers Traditional Chinese Medicine
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