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Sports Medicine Acupuncture, Pain Management & More... Naturally!

In2 Health offers a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Western Sports Medicine perspective for the treatment of work, sports and orthopedic injuries. All treatments are customized to the needs of each individual with a clear plan for a set goal; whether that is recovery, performance enhancement or overall balance.

The Next Level of Physical &
Mental Preparation for Athletes

Many athletes suffer to the point that they no longer play a sport that they enjoy since the pain impairs their performance. Acupuncture can help alleviate sports related pain and even help elevate your performance.

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Manage Pain & Promote Healing
Throughout the Body

Acupuncture and other treatments can successfully treated conditions like Carpal tunnel syndrome, Plantar fasciitis, Trigger finger, Teeth grinding, Foot Neuromas and Lymphedema and more.

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Treatment Modalities Chosen
Specifically for Your Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a wide range of procedures, each focused on pain relief for a particular condition. Dr. Sara's treatment plan will incorporate those that are best suited to your unique situation.

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Sara M. Diaz, AP, DOM, C.SMA
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