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First Sports Accupuncture Visit
Treatment Methods at In2 Health

What to Expect from Your First Visit to In2 Health

Your first visit will uncover the true source of your pain and set the stage for healing
Ready for your first visit and treatment? Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect…

Sports Accupuncture Medical History Review

1. Review Health & History

A review of your personal health and history will provide a general overview of your situation. Do you consider yourself to be a healthy person? Do you live an active lifestyle? What health conditions are present in your family? We’ll also talk about the part or parts of your body which are in pain and try to understand how or why it started.

Sports Accupuncture Hands-on Examination

2. A Thorough Examination

A hands-on examination of the affected area will shed some light on the location and intensity of your pain. Dr. Sara will also begin to understand other important factors such as range of motion, flexibility and the timing of your pain.

This portion of your visit will also include a thorough examination of your tongue and pulse, as these can provide deep insight into the nature of your pain. Tongue and pulse diagnosis are two of the most important diagnostic tools in traditional Chinese medicine and signal changes in your blood flow / circulatory system.

Patient Feedback

“I started seeing Sara for chronic pain in my neck and shoulders as a result of an injury from 18 yrs ago. I've gone to chiropractors, physical therapists, & massage therapists for relief, but I get the most relief from acupuncture. After treatment, I have immediately relief that lasts at least a week, instead of hours with other therapies.”
Kim O., Melbourne, FL

"For more than a decade I alerted my physicians that my left foot was numb. Not until Sara Diaz, DOM, said, “Let’s take a look”, did I know the numbness came from a significant Morton's Neroma, NOT neuropathy.

Less than six sessions later (all non-invasive, ALL PAINLESS) did the feeling return to my left foot (thus avoiding surgery & anesthesia).

I count on Sara Diaz’s expertise in many areas of my health care: asthma management, allergy reactions (& prevention), and general well being. I have been a patient of hers since she moved to the Indialantic location. You owe it to yourself to start feeling better today."
Nan R.

Formulating Sports Accupuncture Plan

3. Formulate a Plan and
Begin Treatment

A thorough examination allows Dr. Sara to formulate a plan to treat your pain. Most issues can be effectively controlled through acupuncture, but we offer many other options which can be used as needed.

Before your first treatment, Dr. Sara will explain everything that will be done. Acupuncture for new patients can be a strange sensation, so we do everything that we can to help you understand what you’ll be feeling and how it will promote healing.

Most patients report improvement in their condition after the first treatment. We usually recommend one treatment a week for four consecutive weeks, with monthly followup appointments after that. If pain persists or moves location, more visits may be necessary.

Ready to start treatment with In2 Health? Call 321-216-5118 today!
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